Who we are

The Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice are:

a religious family born of the heart of St. John Bosco and the creative fidelity of Santa Maria Domenica Mazzarello.



St. John Bosco (1815 – 1888)

He devoted his entire life to the education of young people. He inspired the educational institution seeing in its teaching an education system more relevant than ever. The pedagogy of St. John Bosco looks at the young in its entirety. “I love the things they love young” repeated the Holy, stressing the importance of an education system that offers them the opportunity to study, to learn a trade, to play and to nurture a spirit of cultivating faith, supporting optimism realistic taking into account the positive in every young.

Don Bosco in all his work among young people was supported by only one idea: “Education can change history.” And for this purpose he has devoted her life to give young people the tools to face life with all its difficulties and contradictions, to create an environment where the values you intended to convey had lived and communicated with for example … educate. Even today, after so many years, the pedagogy of Don Bosco in the relationship with the youth is a real philosophy of life. A life of values and commitment on the part of educators to be more present with the boys, to attend as well as to teach, to be like him “Master in the chair, brothers in the yard.”

Why the name

Don Bosco chose this name because he took as a living monument of thanks to Madonna.

In Turin, the decision to establish an institution in favor of young people came to Don Bosco by the stress of various people; the finding of a state of neglect and poverty in which they found many girls; by contact with various female Institutes; the depth of his devotion to Mary; the confirmation of Pope Pius IX, who encouraged him to this path; by repeated “dreams” and extraordinary events narrated by himself.



Santa Maria Domenica Mazzarello (1837 – 1881)

Simultaneously in Mornese, in the hills of Monferrato, the young Maria Domenica Mazzarello animated a group of young women, who were dedicated to the girls of the village, in order to teach them a trade, but especially with the commitment to direct them to the Christian life.

At a distance, the two signals on the same wavelength sent an identical message was to be born, for girls and young people, the educational environment that was already in Turin – Valdocco for the boys at the hands of Don Bosco.

Mary Mazzarello was co-founder in giving life, shape and development of the new institution. August 5, 1872, in Mornese, the first group of young women pronounced their “yes” as the Virgin Mary to be “help” especially among young people.

Our charism…

Daughters of Maria Ausiliatrice we are dedicated to human and Christian formation of young people, in the words of Don Bosco: “To form good Christians and honest citizens” and realize the different types of interventions: schools, vocational training centers, oratories-centers youth, retired university, house family, spirituality centers, cultural and sports associations, volunteer and missionary animation, network projects in the area to take action on poverty and youth problems, we work with the parish pastoral oratories and catechesis.

Ours is a big family they belong to religious and lay people, young people and adults who recognize themselves in the charism of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello.