The Mission

The villa is a historical building with a high cultural value, perfect for lovers of art and the “beautiful style”. The writer Marion Crawford loved to surround himself with people virtuous and often housed artists, writers and musicians through our corridors stroll among the 800 original paintings, intricate carving decorative statues and furniture of its glorious past, all perfectly preserved and restored.

The religious house has a tradition of hospitality and serenity. The climate helps to make it a privileged place of spiritual recharge, rest and relaxation, offering the chance to experience silence and contact with nature, long periods of prayer and encounter with the “Word” in the style of Salesian spirituality.

The well-kept garden with plants and flowers of the Mediterranean embraces the house by isolating it from the chaos outside, creating an oasis of peace and serenity: as unique background rhythm of the waves crashing below our terraces.

Our mission is to offer our guests a private brackets, an opportunity for relaxation and well-being far from the noisy routine and hurried to find themselves in a dimension slow, able to re-tune the body and spirit in a chord.

To share feelings in a romantic getaway, with family, with friends or for work in full concentration. A beautiful place, relaxed and comfortable to return home recharged with new light.

The hospitality in our house

A testimony based on gospel values, such as kindness, goodness, respect for others; an open dialogue with those who are sincerely looking for values and meanings, and also a place that brings together young people and young people that offers the chance to experience silence and contact with nature, long periods of prayer and encounter with the Word, spaces of friendship and brotherhood in the style of Salesian spirituality.

For this purpose has been reserved a part of the villa where the young meet to engage in play, recreational and training. Our hospitality should be the possibility of meeting with a size reserved and quiet, it is a living space within which religious community, with its rhythms, its paths, its life.
A religious community that stands listening.

The Christian vision of life pushes us to the commitment to “care for the other”, which is expressed in the social and leads to the sharing and urges solidarity, fraternal welcome and mutual respect and esteem for all.