Managing authority

The religious hospitality House Villa Crawford is a branch House of the Institute Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice delle Salesiane di Don Bosco – main seatin Via E. Alvino, 9 – Naples that is a clerical body with legal framework, the relationships with the Italian government of which are ruled by the patrician law no. 222 of the 20th of May 1985.

From the administrative point of view, Villa Crawford is authorized to exercise as a religious hospitality House by the Town Hall of Sant’Agnello through SCIA presented to the same Town Hall on the 22th of April 2013, register no. 7389.


Purpose of the managing authority is that of offering guests a quiet and relaxing environment and of living them the opportunity to rediscover human and Christian values through a relation of respect, friendliness with everyone.

Each guest, on its part, by entering this House, implicitly declares he wishes to accept these purposes and that he will adapt to rules indicated hereby for a good running of the cohabitation.

Main rules

  1. Rooms reservation must be demanded on time by fax or e-mail specifying the exact date of arrival, of departure and each personal need. In order to be accepted, the request will have to be confirmed black on white by the House.
  2. The acceptance of the proposal is subject to the sending of a deposit equal to 30% of the total sum related to the period that has been booked or to the presentation of suitable guarantees (credit card). The deposit t will not be refund in case of cancellation.
  3. Cancellation Policy: Reservations cancelled thirty (30) days or more prior to the date of arrival will not incur in any charge. Reservations cancelled twenty (20) to ten (10) days prior to the date of arrival will incur a 50% charge. Reservations cancelled less than nine (9) days prior to the date of arrival will incur a 75% charge.
    There are no refunds for early check outs and “no shows”. If the number of guests on your reservation is reduced once the reservation is paid it is up to the hotel to determine applicable refunds or penalties. May have change with previous agreement.
  4. Rooms are available from 3 pm of the day of the arrival.
  5. On the day of departure, the room will have to be left free from things and people within 10 am. In case of need, luggage can be deposited on demand in a special area, freeing the Management from any responsibility concerning their content.
  6. On their arrival, guests will have to show a valid ID of which the Management will keep a copy; they will have to take note of the present rules and the acceptance from the hospitality without reserves will be a sign of explicit approval.
  7. Payments can only be made from 8 am to 2 pm at the reception.
  8. From 7.30 to 10.00 a.m.  it is possible to have a breakfast buffet, to be consumed exclusively in its dedicated area.
  9. When going out it is compulsory to deposit keys at the concierge.
  10. Concierge and telephone services start at 8 am and end at the time established for the evening reentry.

Behaviour rules

  • Guests are pleased to use extreme respect for the dignity of the house, for its function and for the preservation of furniture that has been made available and, in any case, they will have to keep a suitable behaviour for the religious place that welcomes them.
  • Management can ask to be refund of possible damages, in particular related to the furniture in the room.
  • Management is not responsible for pricey objects left unattended in rooms and in general in areas belonging to the structure at guests’ disposal.
  • It is strictly recommended to avoid noise that could bother the quiet living especially at night.
  • Strangers cannot be brought into rooms without allowance from the Management.
  • Inside the structure it is forbidden to: bring animals, smoking, use burners, heaters, boilers, irons and other potentially dangerous instruments.
  • The use of TV is permitted only in private lounges.
  • Radios and CD players have to be listened to with a low volume especially after 10 pm.
  • Each complaint must be sent in black and white to the Management to which the direct responsibility for a good leading of the House is reserved.
  • According to the Law no. 3, art. 51 of the 16th of November 2003 inside the House smoking is not permitted.

The Manager